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We understand that our clients want GUARANTEED RESULTS, whether it be for income replacement, wealth preservation or retirement planning, nothing is more important than guarantees and the guarantors behind them. 

We create customized solutions for people at every stage of life, helping them minimize risk while bringing maximum value.  Our approach to client interaction is rooted in transparency and disclosure.  Innovation is our trademark.

The biggest financial concern for retirement age Americans is having insufficient income and assets during retirement. Is it yours? 

During the 20th century, life expectancy in the U.S. climbed by almost 50%. That has huge implications for our finances.

Longevity Risk, the risk of out-living your wealth, is a financial crisis looming on the social horizon. There are solutions. Let us help. At Life Cycle Financial Planners, we have the knowledge and experience to consider all aspects of longevity risk including post retirement employment, education, housing, community and cognitive issues.
Planning your retirement must be approached from a risk management perspective, not just a total return perspective. Which of your current advisors are trained or focused to guarantee that you will have lifetime income? 

With Life Cycle Financial Planners on your team, you will have the comfort of knowing that the cornerstone of your retirement plan, guaranteed lifetime income, is our primary concern.

Providing guaranteed income solutions is what we and our insurance company partners do best.
Guaranteed Sufficient Cash Flow + Lifetime Guarantees = Liquidity in Retirement
Our interests are perfectly aligned with those of our clients. At the foundation of each financial plan and estate plan is a retirement plan. The priorities of each retirement plan are clear:
Maximize Income.
Guaranteed Income.  Provide Lifetime Income.
Using guaranteed income contracts from landing insurance companies to create a private pension plan is the only option to hedge away longevity risk. We consider all aspects of longevity risk including post retirement employment, education, housing, community and cognitive issues. 
Lifetime Income

Why 2015 is the year for longevity annuities?
's Jean Chatzky explains:

We realize the industry has failed to adequately explain how "yesterday's" annuities function to provide guaranteed income. As a result, the negative connotations ascribed to annuities has transferred over to income stream annuities. To help people better understand the benefits of a fixed income stream annuity, we need to change the language and educate our clients about what liquidity in retirement really means.

Liquidity should be understood in terms of having guaranteed income that cannot be outlived. At retirement, the changes of needing all of our assets to be liquid in order to make a purchase, deal with something unexpected or be vulnerable to bad investment or purchase decisions is remote.

Take the first step towards guaranteed lifetime income and reach out to us today:

Guidance & Advice


What is longevity risk?
The risk of living too long and outliving your wealth is known as longevity risk.

What is causing longevity risk to be the number one risk associated with living longer?
Extended life expectancy is creating a simple but serious problem for a huge number of people in the U.S. For most people at retirement age, income begins to reduce or disappear completely. The combination of low interest rates, loss of income and extended life expectancy are the 3 prongs of longevity risk.

Is there an effective and affordable solution for longevity risk? 
Yes. Converting a portion of your invested assets to an insurance company in exchange for a guaranteed lifetime income solution is remarkably effective hedge against longevity risk. Adding income is another solution to hedge away this risk.

Upon death, does the insurance company keep the money?
No. Structured properly, the listed beneficiaries will receive all the remaining or unpaid money within the policy.

Why use an annuity?
Fixed indexed annuities are not subject to stock-market-based losses and the issuing insurance company provides contractual guarantees. As a result, they are among the safest and best solutions to fund retirement income.


Key Questions to Consider About Your Retirement Financial Plan

1. How are my assets hedged against longevity risk? In other words, how am I protected from outliving my money?
2. What is the plan if I actually do end up depleting my resources during retirement?
3. How are my assets hedged against sequence of returns risk? In other words, how am I protected from having my retirement plans crushed by exactly what has recently occurred in the markets?
4. How are my assets hedged against inflation risk?
5. What is the plan to create income during my retirement? Is this level of income both adequate and sustainable?
6. What analytic tools and methods are used to determine and demonstrate that there is reasonable probability that my retirement income projections are both adequate and sustainable?
7. What are our fixed expenses projected to be during retirement? How much of these fixed expenses do we want to guarantee?
8. How would a long term care event for either of us affect our current retirement plan?

Tips for Making a Wise Annuity Purchase

  • Know what kind of annuity you are purchasing.
  • Is it fixed, variable or deferred?
  • What is the term if you are purchasing a deferred annuity? Know the length of the term before you buy otherwise you may pay a surrender fee that may cancel any earned income from your investment.
  • What is the surrender penalty?
  • Don't take out a reverse mortgage to finance an annuity: A reverse mortgage is basically a loan you take out against the equity you have accumulated in your home. The loan will have to be paid back with interest at the time the house is sold or by the estate of the borrower. 
  • Beware of scare tactics that appeal to your emotions.
  • Get a second opinion: Do not make a significant financial investment without talking to experienced financial advisors and consulting with friends and family members you trust.
"The only way to guarantee income is through pensions or annuities"
-David Blanchett, Head of Morningstar Retirement Research

Watch Ted Bernstein, CEO of Life Cycle Financial Planning featured on  with David Weir discussing Installment Life Insurance:

Retirement Demographics
  • In the U.S. alone, more than 10,000 individuals retire every day
  • The number of Americans aged 65 and older will double by 2030
  • Retirees can expect to live 30-40 years in their new retirement lifestyle
  • Average first age of retirement today is 57.5 years
  • Every 7.5 seconds someone turns 55
  • This generation accounts for more than 50% of discretionary spending power in our economy and controls more than 75% of all financial assets
  • 69% of workers aged 45-74 plan to continue working into retirement
  • 59% of boomers plan to work or participate in community or charity work
  • Individuals 50 years and older make up the fastest growing group of internet and e-mail users
  • Many had made no provision for long term care costs although 50% of women over 65 and one third of men will spend some time in a nursing home
  • Many had no idea of how to maximize Social Security income
  • 20% did not have updated wills or powers of attorney
  • Many retirees said they were unprepared for how they would fulfill themselves in retirement

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